Research Areas


A. Production and Operations Management

- Includes improvement on the production system of a business organization through an efficient use of resources.

Research topics may cover:

  1. Production planning and aggregate production planning
  2. Process modeling
  3. Distribution system design
  4. Facility location planning
  5. Lean production system
  6. Green manufacturing system
  7. Other related topics

B. Ergonomics/Human Factors Engineering

- Incorporates application of methods engineering, work measurement, and ergonomics/human factors engineering

Research topics may cover:

  1. Methods analysis and work methods improvement
  2. Assessment of the work environment
  3. Anthropometric measurements
  4. Workplace design
  5. Design of products and information aids
  6. Ergonomics for non-traditional workforce:  e.g. service, support, construction, field maintenance, etc.
  7. Health care issues:  e.g. aging workforce, obesity in employees and clients, safe patient handling, etc.
  8. Applied Ergonomics

C. Decision Making Technologies and Integrated Systems

- Intends to address complex problems in the real industrial and government settings through the use of advanced computer software to analyze and optimize performance measures of actual system.

Research topics may cover:

  1. Process optimization
  2. Logistics and supply chain management
  3. Information Systems
  4. Scheduling systems
  5. Stochastic modeling and analysis of manufacturing systems
  6. Facility design and location
  7. Network design
  8. Other research topics on integration courses like business planning, feasibility study, strategic management, and others

D. Quality Engineering